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Hi, I'm Derek Phelps. I help musician's guitars and basses play and sound the best they can.

Derek Phelps's Bio:

Derek Phelps is the founder of Guitartechworks and Backstage Setups. He has been a first call Guitar Tech and has the reputation of being one of the best in the business.  From his formal years as a builder and repairman, his vast expericence is welcomed by anyone requiring a touring technician or professionals needed repairs or consultations. He is currently working for The Rolling Stones as Bass Tech for Darryl Jones.  

Derek Phelps's Experience:

  • Darryl Jones (Bass Tech) at The Rolling Stones

    Backline crew member... Gig nights I take care of a great man and bassist, Darryl Jones. During the day, I am called on to assist w any other guitar issues on stage left or right. I am fortunate to work within a very strong and qualified team.

  • Guitar Tech / Brad Whitford at Aerosmith

    I took care of Brad Whitford's guitars and gear for "Just Push Play" tour and did Millennium tour of Japan for New Years Eve 1999....Brad has many cool vintage guitars and amps and was a great person to work for. We always see each other when Aerosmith is out on tour. A great band and Iconic songs.

  • Guitar Tech / Rich Robinson at The Black Crowes

    I was Rich's tech for many tours and recording projects. Tons of guitars, open tunings and tube amps. A great experience working for what is and will be one of the "all time greats" in live music. An amazingly talented and awesome group. I was lucky to have had the opportunity.

  • Guitar Tech at Mary Chapin Carpenter

    Was Chapin's tech for a Summer tour taking care of the acoustics, many open tunings, capos, wireless and mostly outdoors. Couldn't have been an better first gig. Great people and every challenge any tech could face.

  • Luthier at Gibson Custom Shop

    Worked alongside of Tom Murphy and Edwin Wilson doing QC, Final Assembly and helped developed the aging processes in use today at the Custom Shop. I was on the early team with a total of 14 people. Was an awesome experience.

  • Luthier at Tom Anderson Guitarworks

    Worked in production taking rough lumber to the best finished necks and bodies for the Tom Anderson series Guitars, Sadowsky Guitars, Pensa Suhr Guitars and many other custom builders. Also assisted in the pickup department winding coils for the Tom Anderson guitars and replacement pickups.

  • Luthier at Valley Arts Guitars

    Worked upstairs in Repairs/Building for Valley Arts Custom. Handled various types of guitar repairs, fret jobs, guitar setups and custom building of guitars and assembly.

Derek Phelps's Education:

  • The Apprentice Shop

    Luthier Certification
    Concentration: Luthiery
    Activities: My first formal education into building, repairing and finishing guitars. Attended in 1987 in Spring Hill TN and was instructed by Mike Lennon. This education was primarily facilitated by hand tools and manual calculations for fret scales. I don't believe a better learning atmosphere existed at the time I chose this facility.

Derek Phelps's Interests & Activities:

Building and upgrading guitars, amps and tone chasing.

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